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The Mill

Our 100% Alpaca yarn is made within our farm.

We have been working on the most beautiful alpaca fleeces and obtain a high quality yarn thanks to our selection and processing technique. Our process, although assisted by machines, remains artisanal and each production is unique. We can also process small quantities, so we can ensure the traceability of each fleece.
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We work rigorously and make it a point of honor to satisfy every customer.

We are happy to participate in the protection of our planet by producing a 100% natural yarn without acid or dye.

Always in this dynamic respectful of nature, we produce our own green electricity thanks to our photovoltaic installation.

Also noteworthy is our zero waste policy because all spinning waste is used in agriculture.

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Our exclusive services

Tailor-made alpaca yarn

Specialist In Tailor-Made Yarn Production, We Create Your Own Personalized Alpaca Yarn

The softness of your clothes depends entirely on the fineness of the fiber and the way the fleece is sorted out. We only market the best alpaca quality which we select with care in order to ensure an optimal outcome.

Here Is The Selection Of Our Alpaca Yarn

  • Royal Baby Alpaca : less than 19 microns. This amazing and very rare quality is almost exclusively from the best crias (baby alpacas). Only 1% of the world production of alpaca fiber can be classified as Royal Baby.
  • Baby Alpaca : from 19,01 to 23 microns. This excellent quality is usually coming from very good crias and sometimes from remarkable adults.
  • Fine Alpaca : from 23,01 to 27 microns. This quality is most commonly found in alpacas coming from professional farms. Its softness ensures a comfortable wearability.

The Other Two Categories That Aren’t Distributed, Are

  • Alpaca or Medium Alpaca: from 27.01 to 30 microns. This alpaca quality is generally found in current shops.
  • Strong Alpaca : over 30 microns. The tingling sensation is unfortunately present over 30 microns and yarn produced from these fleeces would disappoint you in terms of wearability.

You Will Probably Find Some Plant Residues In Our Yarn… That’s Normal

This is a status of quality.

Why? There are several reasons:

  • Our animals eat hay throughout the year and are not carrying a blanket. Although most hay debris are removed from their fleece before shearing, you can still find some remains.
  • The finer fleeces, produced by the crias, tend to pick up on leaves, twigs, hay and everything they graze. For this reason, the most plant residues are found in the Royal Baby.
  • We do not use industrial mills techniques : in order to keep a strong fiber, we do not use acid solution nor a roller to remove those debris.

Therefore, the yarn you are knitting is very strong and made with care.

Spinning service

If you bought your alpacas from us, and only on this condition, we offer you the “à la carte” transformation service of your fleeces into exceptional knitting yarn.

Contact us to discuss your requirements;