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Maquis King Ka, birth 2021
(Maquis Francorchamps x AHH Tiara)

Alpagas du Maquis SA, a genuine expertise since 2011, is the first European company excelling in all the stages from alpaca’s genetic selection, to luxury 100% alpaca fibre products made in Belgium.

The company is internationally renowned for both high quality alpacas and limited edition luxury products. Alpagas du Maquis pride themselves on their high level of animal husbandry and environmental controls that reduce the carbon footprint.

The herd of around a hundred free-range elite alpacas producing exceptional fiber are sited on a beautiful 10 hectares plot in the Belgian Ardennes. The breeding animals are meticulously selected and are flourishing in the international contest.

Alpagas du Maquis created a world premier concept which is the 100% textile traceability for a luxury clothing line. The company developed a product’s collection, from clothing to bedding supplies sourced from their herd.

The processing room consists of 11 fibre mill machines imported from Canada and a brand new 3D knitting high technology robot from Germany.

With a perfect renewable energy autonomy, the processing room has a very low environmental impact.

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