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Xperience Keeper for a day

Make your dream come true and immerse yourself in our alpaca breeder everyday life.

Alpagas du Maquis offers you the chance to discover, from the inside, our elite alpaca herd.

Become a keeper for a day and enjoy the wonderful and magical alpaca’s world.

A funny intimate day with those adorable creatures and their passionate breeders.

It’s also an excellent apprenticeship because you’ll be working alongside the farm’s owners as they care for the animals on a daily basis and learn about their unique profession;

Soigneur d'un jour manipulation
Soigneur d'un jour brouette

A typical day

  • Explanations of the alpaca’s way of life, its needs and a few instructions for the smooth running of the activities
  • Preparing the meal and feeding the alpacas
  • Cleaning and upkeep of their living spaces
  • Observation of individual and herd behaviour;
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the organisation of an alpaca farm;
  • Get up close to the animals and discover the qualities of alpaca fibre;

What’s more, depending on the season, you may also have the chance to take part in one of our special events:

  • Birth assistance
  • Working with breeding stallions
  • Training youngsters in handling or lunging;
  • Mowing assistance

Enjoy a memorable moment of good humour and leave with an unforgettable experience!

Soigneur d'un jour contact

This course is organised for 1 to 3 people on a date of your choice, and is given in French or in English from 9am to 12pm;

From age 15; The price is €175 per person; A deposit of 50% will be required to confirm your booking;

We recommend that you bring seasonal clothing and boots;

If you’re interested in becoming an alpaca breeder, in addition to the “Caretaker for a day”, we also offer breeder training.

The two courses can be taken consecutively; In this case, we offer a package price for the 2 formulas “Soigneur d’un jour” + “Formation éleveur”: 300€ /person;

We look forward to meeting you!